Occupational Rehabilitation

Benefits of Physiotherapy and Occupational Rehabilitation

Physiotherapists have long provided Occupational Rehabilitation Services.  Our physiotherapists have received extensive post-graduate education in the assessment of an individual’s functional abilities and in assessing the physical demands of a job.  We combine our knowledge of anatomy, pathology, body mechanics and job demands to develop safe and effective methods to assist an injured person in returning to their daily activities or job.



One Provider - One Phone Call 

So what is the benefit to having  a physiotherapist assist in injury recovery and in return to work?

  • One service provider means one phone call can answer many questions and time is not wasted by contacting multiple people.






  • One service provider has been following the injured worker/claimant from the initial injury all the way to return to activity and work.  Trust and understanding has been built up with the injured worker/claimant as well as the employer and/or case manager.  This results in a more knowledgable provider who has a better understanding of of the demands that will be placed on the worker/claimant.













We can assist at every stage.


Experienced Professionals Meeting Your Rehabilitation Needs.